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If Amarnath Yatra is attacked, Pakistan will be blown away - Chandel ,  Udaipur Hindu tailor massacre, Pakistan's conspiracy to incite Hindu Muslim riots in the country


Jammu June 29 / National General Secretary of Hinduist leader Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra Welfare Society, Shri Raju Chandel, while talking to reporters in Jammu today said that the Udaipur Hindu tailor murder case is a well-planned conspiracy of Pakistan and Tablighi Jamaat to organize Hindu Muslim riots in India. is a murder with a purpose.

Mr. Chandel said that minority Muslims living in India are true patriots and Hindu Muslims have always lived like a bouquet with great love and love. It is not supporting at all, nor is it considered justified to commit such murders in Islam, but the people of the Talibani Tablighi Jamaat, raised in Pakistan, have committed such a massacre, giving the country the form of Hindu Muslim riots in the country. want to spread rebellion.

 Mr. Chandel said that the Constitution of India in India will run according to the law and not by the Shariat and Talibani ideology.
Today's India will not tolerate the Talibani ideology and Shariat's ideology, India will not tolerate the law of Shariat at all.

He said that the way the killers of the Udaipur massacre were using language
That ideology is neither the thinking of the Muslims of India nor the thinking of the followers of Islam.

Today all the Muslim intellectuals of India have strongly condemned this massacre through the media. Responding to journalists
Shri Chandel said that the way the terrorists have warned of attack on Baba Barfani Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra, reversing the warnings of those terrorists said that this time a cowardly traitor to Pakistan.

Even if its terrorists accidentally attack Amarnath Yatris or Yatra, then our soldiers will fight so many ammunition missiles in Pakistan this time that Pakistan will not have crops on its land for 100 years, even animals and birds. will stop tweeting.

The way a hungry naked Pakistan is thinking of destroying India, its dreams will prove to be like that of Mungerilal and the Indian army is sitting ready to give a befitting reply to every wrong action of Pakistan.

Mr. Chandel said that the way missiles and atom bombs have been made by our defense research under the leadership of the proud Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, they are made only to compete with Pakistan and China and not to leave Pakistan for Pappu's wedding. Indian soldiers are sitting ready day and night to answer every nefarious act of China.