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Congress will soon become mere history: Kavinder  Slams Priyanka Gandhi's irrelevant remarks on PM Modi's rallies


GURDASPUR: Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former deputy Chief Minister today strongly criticized Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi for her recent statements regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's public rallies. He asserted that Priyanka Gandhi's remarks lacked relevance and failed to acknowledge the overwhelming support PM Modi garners from the masses.

Speaking at the election campaign meeting in favour of BJP candidate, Dinesh Singh Babbu from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha Constituency, Kavinder pointed out the vast difference between the attendance at public rallies during the Congress regime and those under PM Modi's leadership. He emphasized that while Congress struggled to attract crowds, PM Modi's rallies consistently draw lakhs of people, both domestically and internationally. He highlighted the significant turnout at Modi's rallies as a testament to the widespread popularity and appeal of the Prime Minister among the masses.

Furthermore, the senior BJP leader criticized the recent Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi, noting its lack of participation beyond Congress members. He labeled the Yatra as a failed attempt, contrasting it with the enthusiastic response received by PM Modi during his public engagements.

Echoing Prime Minister Modi's prediction that Congress would secure fewer seats than Rahul Gandhi's age, Kavinder said that rejuvenation of the ‘shattered’ Congress party has become near impossible as the grand old party is on the verge of becoming extinct. He reiterated that looking into the popularity of BJP across the length and breadth of the country, one can say that opposition Congress will soon become history with people finding it difficult to get its traces in any part of the country. He said that large scale corruption and a number of scams carried out by Congress party have made it a thing of the past as people rejected the remnants of this party wherever its leadership attempts to revive it.
Kavinder said that performance of Union Government led by PM Narendra Modi has remained phenomenal in bringing about positive changes in the lives of the poor and underprivileged in the past one decade. He claimed that no government in the past had done so much for the poor like the Modi regime as it has tailored dozens of schemes exclusively for the poor strata to bail it out from the morass, which it confronted for the last many decades due to indifference of successive governments.
Assuring that PM Modi has much more in the offing for those who are still struggling to fight poverty, the senior party functionary sought wholehearted support and vote in favour of BJP candidate in the progressing Lok Sabha polls for realizing the unfulfilled dreams of the people in the shortest possible time. He reaffirmed BJP's unwavering commitment to serving the nation and fulfilling the aspirations of every Indian citizen under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.